gsadjustment insurance adjusters capabilities
The claim consulting firm that you are going to consider must provide comprehensive claim preparation, presentation and settlement services. This organization must have a staff of licensed adjusters, accountants, estimators and engineers having actual prior experience working with the insurance companies.
GS Adjustment Company, Inc. has these qualifications and more:
  1. Coordination of the emergency and permanent restoration of damages. This includes helping deploy, manage and document the needed restoration and reconstruction services.
  2. Developing detailed Property Damage (PD), Business Interruption (BI), and Extra Expense (EE) claims for the loss. This includes determining the time period to make the repairs and restore the business operations which includes the basis for the BI and EE claims.
  3. Working with corporate / facility management to use the insureds' employees as little as possible thereby reducing the overall impact of these activities on their business.
  4. Managing insurance company representatives assigned to the loss. This includes working with the adjusters and their auditors to evaluate and settle the loss.
  5. Proven ability to interpret policy terms and conditions as they relate to the scope of the loss and the competence to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement in a timely fashion.
  6. Similar industry references and extensive experience handling catastrophic losses. The principals of our firm will be actively involved in the claim preparation and adjustment process.
  7. The Claim Consulting Firm being considered must perform in the stated capacity as their primary business, and not as an auxiliary service.
  8. The Claim Consulting Firm must have a flexible fee structure on a contingency or a per-diem basis.
The Claim Consulting Firm must demonstrate the expertise to capture, present and win the following coverage issues:
Structural Damage Assessment:
  • Replacement Cost analysis.
  • Impact of local building codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Impact of governmental regulations.
Improvements and Betterment's Assessment:
  • Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value assessment of damages.
  • Insurable interest.
  • Leasehold interest.
Contents Damage Assessment
  1. Machinery and Equipment Cost Analysis, including:
    a) Process and instrumentation designs and scope.
    b) Process manuals, Data Sheets, Diagrams.
    c) Impact of local codes, ordinances and regulations.
    d) Impact of governmental regulations.
    e) Impact of modernization and efficiency improvements.

  2. Furniture and Fixture Cost analysis.

  3. Stock - Raw, work in process and finished goods.
Business Interruption Analysis, including:
a) Determination of period of indemnity.
b) Loss of profits calculation and documentation.
c) Continuing Expenses calculation and documentation.
d) Unincurred and discontinuing expenses.
e) Analysis of budgets, forecasts and market conditions.
f) Impact of interdependency and contingency relationships.
The aforementioned are basic requirements that a Properly Consulting and Adjusting firm must have before they are engaged to represent you on a casualty claim.
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